Massage Therapy Courses And Salaries

Massage Therapy Courses

All the massage therapists complete a  post-secondary education program. This program includes 500+ hours of study. Mainly, the education requirements for therapists vary greatly depending on the state or locality.

A high school diploma or an equivalent is usually considered while admission to a massage therapy program. These programs mainly cover subjects like anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, pathology, business management and ethics. Different programs may focus on different modalities of massage.

There are many schools that provide massage therapy courses. Some of the best ones are:

  • Finger Lakes School of Massage
  • Baltimore School of Massage
  • American Institute
  • National Holistic Institute
  • Myotherapy College of Utah
  • National University of Health Sciences
  • Miami Dade College
  • Cortiva Institute Schools of Massage Therapy
  • Bryan College
  • The Soma Institute
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Everest College
  • National Massage Therapy Institute

Apart from full time or part time courses, there are also some institutes that provide online massage therapy courses. They are as follow:

  • USCI
  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • AIAS
  • Natural Healers
  • Q Academy etc.

massage therapy salaries


In states that regulate massage therapy, there are abundant opportunities for those who complete formal education and programs and pass a professionally recognized examination. However, amateur massage therapists must be aware that it will take time to establish themselves.

Referrals are extremely crucial for massage therapists. In this case, marketing and networking might come in handy. It will help to increase the job opportunities for the massage therapists. Joining a professional renowned association can also help you to build strong contacts.

As per the year 2014, the actual number of massage therapists employed were 168800. The projected employment for them was 205200.


As per the BLS reports, the median annual wage for massage therapists was $37180 as per the data of the year 2014. The best-paid professionals were making more than $71950 every year. However, the bottom 10% of the massage therapy salaries were only around $18460 every year.

Many massage therapists mainly work in posh spas and have regular clients with comfortable incomes. But when compared to other similar fields, the annual salary of massage therapists was lower than an average worker in some different profession. Massage therapists who earned an average salary of only $ 41790 in the year 2014, have low income when compared to physical therapists who earned $83940. In the same way, registered nurses earned around $62955 yearly.